Japanese lessons

Japanese lessons

At any time, any place,and over and over again 

This course will enable you to learn how to speak, read and write Japanese.

You will gain confidence as you adopt my unique approach of teaching that will give you

an understanding in a quick easy way to comprehend Japanese language.

Why don't you come and join us?

You will be made very welcome and of course, you would have fun too !


This couse is a video streaming service.

You can watch video lessons anytime anywhere and over and over again.

One new video lesson will be distributed weekly. Besides, for two months,

you can watch them as many times as you want.

(You will spend two months completing the first course.)

Also, at the end of this course, The Speech Festival will take place so that you will have a

great opportunity to show what you practiced so far by speaking Japanese to other students.

In addition, you are encouraged to send the teacher your voice messages including any questions or phrases that you have learnt. She will send you her responses and encouragement through Line.

One lesson per week. (The first course will last for two months/ You can watch any lessons as many times as possible within two months)

Monthly fee(10,000yen, including tax) Two other members of your family will be able to attend the lessons for free. Also, they are welcome to attend The Speec Festival for free of charge. (they need to be registered in advance)


Course 1   Japanese lessons

The 1st lesson:   What's your name?

(Anatano onamae wa nanndesuka/ あなたのおなまえはなんですか)      


The 2nd lesson:  What do you do in your free time?

(Himanatoki anata wa nani wo suruno?/ひまなとき、あなたはなにをするの)


The 3rd lesson:   What can you do?

(Anata wa naniga dekimasuka?/ あなたは、なにができますか)      


The 4th lesson:  What animal is it?

(Sore wa nannno doubutu desuka?/ それは、なんのどうぶつですか)            


The 5th lesson:   What do you think this is?

(Kore wa nanndato omou?/ これは、なんだとおもう)


The 6th lesson:  Let's give a speech in Japanese. 


The 7th lesson:  What sport do you like?

(Nannno sports ga suki desuka)


The 8th lesson:  What do you like to do?

(Nanisurukoto ga sukidesuka?/ なにすることが、すきですか)

Speech Festival (You can choose whether you would like to attend it or not)  


  Course 2 Japanese lessons

The 1st lesson: Do you play golf on Sunday?  
The 2nd lesson:  We don't play golf on Sunday.         
The 3rd lesson: How many times do you play golf a month?     
The 4th lesson: Can you play tennis?  
Speech Festival  
The 5th lesson: I cannot play tennis.  

The 6th lesson: Do you like Japanese food?

The 7th lesson: I like Japanese food better than Italian food.    
The 8th lesson: Which country do you want to go?  
Speech Festival  


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